Essential Employees Helping Essential Employees

The Nashville Bartenders Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, established in the wake of the March 2nd tornadoes that ripped through our city. It's purpose is to raise and manage emergency funds in support of food and beverage service professionals that were affected by the tornadoes. These funds help pay for housing, monthly bills, medical expenses, food and other basic life necessities. Unfortunately, during our efforts, we were shocked once again with the global pandemic, CO-VID 19(coronavirus). This crisis has put thousands of service industry employees in our community out of work. Most hospitality professionals do not have the luxury of receiving company paid benefits of any kind. There are very few places where our industry can turn for emergency assistance.As an entertainment heavy city, a large portion of the workforce survives off of the food, beverage, nightlife, and hospitality businesses. Our sources of income have disappeared or been drastically cut, as businesses were first destroyed by natural disaster and then forced to close to keep this invisible enemy from affecting more people. In order to achieve our original mission of tornado recovery, we have no choice but to help the community get through this coronavirus pandemic.
 We can't wait to serve you again, once this is all over, but we need your help. With your help, we can help a hungry family put food on their table. With your help, we can make sure that people have the daily necessities they need to survive. With your help, we can get a displaced survivor into a new home. With your help, we can help someone who has made a career of helping others.


Nashville, TN, USA

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